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I'm a mowing only service, so I'm not looking to book extra services like many of you, but I have actually become quite the fan of EOW accounts. That said, not every account should be considered for an EOW service schedule, but for those that qualify, they can be good money makers, at least from my standpoint. I was actually going to run the numbers on mine this year, but haven't gotten around to doing so, but I'm almost certain my EOW accounts netted a higher percentage of cuts (based on the maximum number possible during the growing season), than did my weekly accounts.

I have around 15 EOW accounts. Many are weekend or vacant properties, most have poor soil conditions resulting in slow, thin growth for the most part, and mowing on a bi-weekly basis is not a problem. This year, with the drought, I skipped a lot of weekly accounts, but the EOWeekers, not so much. It has to get really dry on most properties before you don't have enough growth to mow on a two week basis.

If priced correctly, I feel they can be quite profitable. In my case, I serviced most of them the same day, so in theory, every other week, you can have an extra day off.
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