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Originally Posted by P.Services View Post
i tried that site and the link shows up just fine but the site does nothing when you click on "search area" or try to login or create a free user name. am i the only one??
You just have to learn to use it. Type in the address in the Search for Location at the top of the page.
Zoom in on property.
Move your pointer to the corner of a property that you want to start at then click on it.
You have placed an point icon on that spot, points are red.
Area measured shows green.
Go to the next corner and do the same thing. You have created a straight line. Click the 3rd corner, you have created a green triangle. Click the 4th corner, you have a green square or what ever shape, depending on the properties shape.
The area calculation automatically updates as you place pin points along the perimeter.
This information is displayed as

Output : Current Area
0 m≤
0 km≤
0 acres
0 hectare
0 square feet
0 square nautical miles
Current Perimeter
0.000m OR 0.000feet

You can delete or clear points using the buttons displayed.

hope this helps

You can measure irregular shapes easily with some practice.
Btw, I have never logged in or had an account, it just works for me.
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