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Originally Posted by Darryl G View Post
I've got Gators, I've got Gator G6s, I have blocking plates and baffles and wavy mulchers and the whole 9 yards and I don't like running a lawn over multiple times and leaving leaf bits all over...I think it looks unprofessional and in some cases leaves enough that it creates a mat of ground up leaves that does not readily decompose.
My lawns look absolutely fantastic. My mulch setup doesnt leave "bits all over." My customers are psychiatrists, dentists, engineers, retired university faculty and so on. In other words, folks that won't and dont put up with $hitty looking lawns. My set up delivers an incredibly appealing and aesthetically pleasing lawn.

I guess I believe too in the whole notion of the idea of "best practice", returning the leaf/ organic matter back to the turf and not hauling it off.

It sounds like we both take a ton of pride in our work like many of the folks on LS.

Agree to disagree
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