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Here are a couple of links relating to sales & pricing.

Copy & paste from a part of the first link:

I'll give you the order if youíll reduce the price by 10%." If a customer gave you this ultimatum, how would you or your sales force respond? What is the correct response?
a. Okay, but this time only.
b. How about 5%?
c. Iíll be glad to lower the price. Just tell me what you donít want us to provide you.

The correct answer is "c" according to sales trainer and author Tom Hopkins. He says,
"If you agree to lower your price by 10% without reducing your product content or service level, the customer will not trust you." If you agree to reduce your price, three
things typically happen:

1. Your profit drops.
2. The customer kicks themselves for not asking for an even lower price.
3. Both you and the customer become frustrated.
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