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Originally Posted by rcreech View Post

Save the postage!
You may call it stirring the pot but I call it holding people accountable for what they say.

This doesn't involve u so why r u even getting involved. U r the pot stir man!

He hasn't answered b cuz there is no good answer for my queations.

He will not find anywhere OSU or PURDUE stated to apply 6 apps as he said and there is nothing he could have applied June through August to improve the lawn other then water!

All I asking for is two simple questions to be answered.

Why r u even getting involved. Cant Nitroman take care of it himself?

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You're something else Rod. With regards to your "holding people accountable for what they say" comment; I remember talking to you on the phone years back shortly after Jerry Andersen bought that Permagreen from you and questioning the results you got from only performing 4 apps on your customer's lawns per year. I told you in that phone conversation that I couldn't see how you could offer good weed control if you only did 4 apps on your customer's lawns. Your reply to me was that almost all of your customers have large properties and that they don't expect their lawns to look as good as a small lawn like you'd find in a residential setting would. You told me in that conversation that most of your customers had areas of their lawns they don't go onto very often anyway (because of their size), so having more weeds wasn't a big deal to them. Now I see you're claiming that your lawns look as good as any lawn that receives 6 apps per year. That certainly flies in the face of what you're claiming in this thread.
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