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What in the heck did I do to you buddy? The only time to chime in is when you only have something nevative to say. You and Effeciency must hang out. Good to see you on here though as it been while

I do hold people accountable for what they say...and if you check this thread or any other I hold true to that. You tell me something I have stated in this thread or any other that I can't back up.

As far as the comments I made to have taken them totally out of context.

I have have used this comment many many times when talking to other LCO's. Many LCO's say their customer call backs and complaints are huge when it comes to crabgrass and even summer annuals.

We get VERY FEW weed complaints or call backs on weeds (even from out smaller lawns)...and here is where my comment should make sense to you.

We get very few complaints because people with larger lawns don't notice a weed here and there or even a bare or thin spot as much as someone with a postage stamp.

People with push mowers see their lawns 20 inchs at a time walking 2-3 mph.
People with 72" zero turn mowers see their lawn at 9 mph.

I guess the best way to put it is when you were here 4 years ago I probably had close to 200 accounts and now I have over 1900. You tell me if I am doing something right.

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