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Originally Posted by orangemower View Post
This couldn't be farther from the truth and what's with "us"? You don't have employee's.
Well you go on and take on payments on a piece of equipment that you couldn't afford and then have the one job that was so big it took ALL your resources go south on you and see WHO shows up at YOUR door!

[spoiler] REPOMAN! [/spoiler]

You ain't got nothing to fall back on, put all your eggs in one basket and that doesn't concern you at all?

And if you manage to somehow squeeze past the guy(s) coming to take their equipment back (which apparently certain subcultures have started to excel at doing) it's going to ruin your credit and it will be a long time before anyone ever gives you a loan again, that's besides running dealers into the ground which apparently certain low lifes don't seem to mind doing based on the excuse of having to feed the family that's still two wrongs which doesn't make it right.

But y'all who know everything go on already and prove me wrong, let me know how it turns out.

Here, I'll spoil it for you again:

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