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Originally Posted by PabsMaster View Post
I agree with herler. I used a old Craftsman for years. It was not commercial, and I had to double cut all my lawns. Sometimes even 3 or 4 times over. It sucked I wanted a new machine so bad. I new that deep down it would be a mistake. I waited until stuff starting falling apart on the thing. After I could not handle the amount of yards I had to do in a day and I had a stable income, I fixed and sold the old one and got a Scag SFW walk behind. At first I wanted an exmark or toro fixed deck. I was once again letting my emotions get in the way. I realized that you don't need all the fancy stuff on everything. True it has no kawasaki engine, no ecs handles, no flat free front casters. BUT it saved me $700!!!! and it works just fine! Its reliable and gets the job done.

Hope this helps!

So you lost production because your mower was broken and you think you saved money . To the OP consider trading in your Walker for two larger units. You never said if bagging was required or not. If not consider buying a couple of standers, they have great range from large or small yards allowing you to be more diverse. If bagging I would have to say go with the 52" Z, we like Deere but whoever has the best service is who I would choose.
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