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Originally Posted by greendoctor View Post
Freehand contains pendimethalin. Not really a good idea to apply on plugged lawns. The pendimethalin will cause the stolons to float on the soil rather than tack down and take root. The idea of using a preemergent to kill seeds before attempting establishment is something I have tried. EPTC(Eptam) was good for this due to its effect on nutsedge and grasses.

I have used Celsius and Dismiss on recently plugged areas without that effect. Simazine or Atrazine is also free from that effect, but it may be hard to use in Florida.
I thought the benefit of FH was it is easier on the roots, I also planned on 2 months before plugging and a second app 2 amonths after? It just seems to be a broader spectrum without affection root action. Wouldn't the stolons eventually tack down? Would a better paln be to plug early and establish then worry about the weeds? these area are going to be raked out prior to plugging.
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