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Originally Posted by Pietro View Post
That would be funny to see you defend in court. He tried to steal a $200.00 weed wacker, so I shot and killed him Your Honor. Thats called Murder my friend. Deadly force is justified only when someones life is in danger, not a freaken weed wacker. There is no need to carry a gun while mowing lawns just get some damn insurance!
Depends on the state. In mass or NJ you would go to jail for sure. Ever hear of Joe Horn or Castle Doctrine? It really depends on where you live whether or not you would go to jail over shooting someone for stealing from you.

Check that out. By the way, I'm not saying I disagree with you that it isn't justified to shoot someone for stealing from you. I'm just saying that it is legal in some states that if you feel you, your family, or your personal property is threatened you can legally shoot. There are some people that just shouldn't have guns ehh hmmmm(yardguy28)
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