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Originally Posted by jbailey52 View Post
Hey, would like to know everyone's approach on laying the paver field.
My particular job right now is a 2700 sq ft driveway. It runs from the sidewalk on one end, to a detached garage on the other. Half of the left side will run along the house. For this job, would most of you start at the detached garage, and dump sand with a skid steer and screed backwards? I've seen guys lay and then drive over the just laid pavers with the skid steer but I can see anyway this would not mess something up. I.e. going up and down the same path with a loaded bucket or forks with a pallet of pavers. I know it will hold a vehicle but the skid steer I feel will tear something up. fYI the shallowest depth of a modified base is 17" due to how awful the soil was when we removed the driveway. We loaded 210 tons of modified.
Screed from top to bottom, lay from bottom to top. Running perpendicular with house is best. If you must drive on the base, place sheets of plywood and use your skidsteer if you must. Tracked units are a little less likely to do any damage.
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