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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
We had another snow event coming up,,, so yesterday I walked around a large section of woods and tossed seed where I see there was none...

I noticed from the previous freeze/thaw plus rain/snow that the seed was still visible on the surfae of the ground...possibly as much as 85%... but,,, that is the hard surface ground...
Soils that still had a more open structure really "heaved", with the freeze/thaw and those pimply bumps swallowed up the seed to a point of,,, maybe 15% remaining visible... In fact,,, some areas I initially thought I'd missed...

This 'open soil structure' allowed more water to soak into the surface,,, which in turn created more ice crystals in the soil and thereby moving more soil particles,,, creating an even more open structure...

Now it's all under snow again so we wait to see about germination in Mar/Apr...
Can't wait...
I just spent the weekend at the Wisconsin Dells (is that near you?). From watching the weather you are getting over a foot of snow with blizzard conditions!

Thanks for starting this thread. I've been thinking of dormant seeding, but your thread is getting me into action. I'm going to buy some seed and spread it on some lawns that got some severe drought/sod webworm damage this year and see what happens in the spring.
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