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my first year i got money back from the government. i spent more than i made but in reality i didn't. the way that works is say you buy a mower and are making payments on it you can write the entire amount of the mower off at one time. you can also space it out and write it off over 3 years or so. i just did it all at once though. you have the option. as far as my truck it's my personal truck too so i can't write it off at all. i can only write off the mileage driven for business reasons.

basically you can write everything you spend on your business off. mileage, gas for the mower, trimmer line, blades, blade sharpeners, earplugs, trailers, mowers, trimmers, blowers, edgers, oil, etc. it has to only be used for your business though technically. it's not supposed to be stuff you also use for personal stuff outside of your business. i mean if you use the business mower to cut your own yard too so what. noone is gonna be sitting outside your house making sure you don't use your business mower to cut your own lawn lol. it would be stupid to buy a whole new mower just to cut your own lawn when you already have a top of the line mower you can use.
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