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Originally Posted by HPI_Savage25 View Post
This is related to the 28 acre account I may be getting to also keep it maintained. Along with this account, I am also getting an account in March to cut about 2 acres. It is a mobile home lot (new homes for sale). I currently only have a 1996 Walker GHS with a 36" deck. Good mower but it has some age and it's not quite as reliable as I would like it to be with these bigger jobs coming up.

In my area I have dealers for Toro, Husquvarna (sp?), Walker, Exmark, and John Deere.

Right now I am mainly looking at a Exmark 52" or 60" Lazer Z S or X Series? Is it worth the extra money for the X Series? Also EFI or no?

I will be renting a Exmark 60" next week so that will give me some seat time on one to see how I actually like it or don't.

Thanks for the advice and help!
I agree with the previous comment to be wary of buying a machine for just one account. I did that on the other end of things, getting a 32" I otherwise never neeeded just to fit in a small gate/big back yard situation. Of course that account eventually drops and you wind up parking the thing and taking a depreciation hit. With a $11,000 mower, just be sure you're going to be able to use it elsewhere if this job ends.

EFI saves fuel but I have heard more anecdotal accounts of problems with EFI engines on all brands.

I checked Exmarks recently and for my use found no reason to go up to X from S, but I do smaller lots and don't abuse the thing. If you prefer Kawasaki (I do) in 60" plus you'd need to go X, I believe.

The X is a little faster but my thinking is you can't really mow nice turf faster than 10mph anyway.

The X seat would be nice for large acreage, but I assume it's optional on the S.

But it seems to me that when they get this big the S and X are more alike than different. No real downside to the X other than perhaps a less proven spindle design (though supposed to be stronger) and a little more weight.
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