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to each their own but i would never fool with any customer where i can be underbid year to year or when the contract runs out. my goal is loyal customers not customers looking for the cheapest price out there.

everytime i see people cutting mcdonalds, taco bell, burger king, banks, etc. know all the commerical lots they are the worst looking people using the crapiest equipment out there and doing a terrible job making like $25 a cut. why would anyone wanna fool with that when you can cut mrs. so and so's yard a mile or two away from your own house for $125 a cut?

is it just to say hey man look at me i got all these commercial accounts? lol

i have 3-4 commercial accounts but i charge my normal rate and it's not up for rebid ever. i wouldn't fool around with that rat race. you can't depend on that to make a living.

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