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Originally Posted by txirrigation View Post
My main Forman is the assoc. Pastor at his church. Reading the Bible is not creepy, the world would be a better place if everyone did it. I supply each truck with a bible, if the guys in the truck don't want to read it that is fine, but it stays on the dash.

I tell them if they get lost, or need an answer crack the bible open and start reading
Up here I would get my a** sued off for telling an employee that.

All of my guys that are still on up into december get an extra weeks pay in their checks before christmas. Then we pretty much shut down from for two-three weeks depending on demand. The guys are paid during that time. But they are on call for any storms that we may get. They understand that those weeks are not vacation, they don't go away for that time. If I call them to come in they better come in.
Why do people not respect us as they do other tradesmen? Because every Tom, Dick, and Harry doesn't think he can be a plumber or electrician!
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