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It is always nice to have folks comment on his forum that have absolutely no experience with Christmas lights and feel free to tell us everything we are doing wrong. I appreciate the references to putting a cord in a bucket. that was so helpful and informative. This may come as a shock to you, but guess what, we do temporary lighting and use products made for such. how about I join you on your jobsites and share with you what you are doing wrong with your electrical installs? I mean really, why do you use all those plastic boxes for switches and outlets anyway? Don't you know all that crap is made in china? by the way, all your outlets, breakers, switches, boxes, most of all those ARE made in china. look on the box.

while you may know how to run spools of 12-2 wire all day long and how many outlets on a 20 amp circuit, and can install a breaker box in your sleep, perhaps you are not aware that 100's of millions of feet of open socket c9s have been installed over the last 70 years. And while you may wish for us to use "waterproof" cords, I am not so sure those exist. and despite your request for a search, up until 20 years ago, all those old lights got plugged into the old style outlets with no gfci buttons. and there were not a rash of 1000's of folks getting elecricuted back then.
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