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It's a train wreck. There is a lot of chatter about another, major rollout, so I'm curious as to the direction Places/Local/+ for Business/Whatever goes. In all my years, I can't recall Google managing anything as poorly as this.

I think it was Duekster who asked the other day about issues with his reviews not showing up and I asked if he was a merged page, as those were the only accounts where I was seeing data discrepancies and issues. I didn't see a response from him yet, so I didn't follow up without knowing what he was dealing with. For all business pages, as of two week ago, I took a completely hands off approach and decided to wait until after the new year to touch any accounts I maintain, but now have some work to do for quite a few merged pages of Service Area Businesses (the SAB in a lot of the articles people will be reading).

Merry Christmas...
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