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Originally Posted by yardguy28 View Post
you guys who are trying to educate me about the laws are for one thing talking to a brick wall.

for another thing, I think I know what I'm doing. it's not like I haven't checked into what I can and can not do regarding my weapons. and it's not like I don't know people who have done just that and the law never bothered them even for a second.

I have a buddy who came home to a robber in his house. the robber tried to run with whatever he had in his hand and my friend shot him in the butt. police came but all they did was get his story and he filed charges against the robber. police left, robber went to hospital to treat the gun wound and my friend went inside his house and about his life.
Yea I agree you do as you think is best..But when you use a senario like your buddy use he was in his yard...not "I have a buddy who came home to a robber in his house"

Its not the same thing as your original post. Good Luck
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