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I'll take it one step further, you point a gun at some crazed crack addict and this fool is in such a state of mind he reaches out, grabs your gun and with his thumb squeezes your trigger finger in effect killing himself. You and all the hotshots think, oh well!

But when the police arrive you're the only one left standing, dead people don't talk and the cops don't see things your way.
They see things in a whole different light because they're all upset about what just happened in some place like Connecticutt.
And the parents and all the gun rights activists get up in arms about it.

And you and yours have to defend yourself tooth and nail so that you don't spend life in prison.

You get out of it, but it cost you dearly.
For starters you sold your house to pay off the attorney.
Your wife who still loves you dearly couldn't stand the stress and moved elsewhere.
Your life is in pieces and will never be the same again, you see a psychiatrist weekly.

And if you think the situation can't happen or that it would be a first, you would be mistaken.

Originally Posted by Pietro View Post
When you point a firearm at someone and shoot it...that is called Deadly Force. You dont shoot someone to "hurt or injure them"....even if you shot someone and they didnt die, its called Attempted Murder or Assault with a Deadly Weapon. Its pretty simple really. You would be in jail. Even if you just POINTED the gun at them, you would be close to jail.
Thank you.

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