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Originally Posted by yardworkswi View Post
Also I know my website is next to useless as is but can upgrade thru yellowbook. Is this a good route or are there better options (not sure about price yet for the upgrade). Thanks for any input.
When it comes to their web sites and costs, any option is likely a better option... With YB, you get the benefits of price gouging, nebulous benefits, service fee walkups for the most basic web marketing functionality such as basic SEO, not actually owning your domain name, generic templated site design, and recurring fees for the life of your web site. Just do a quick Google search for "YellowBook Web Sites" and you can see how well they're regarded.

On the flip side, if you hire someone to build your business a proper web site, your total investment will be lower, especially due to the lack of long term, recurring monthly fees, and your ROI will be higher. And, quite frankly, it should look significantly better.

To throw out a number, if YB wants $149/month for your site (a median price, since they like to play pricing games), that's $1,788/year. For a typical LCO site, that's a nice, semi to completely custom site and assistance. Now take that YB site out to 24 months, and you're looking at $3,576, whereas the other site would now be in maintenance and hosting modes only, significantly increasing the ROI, plus any additional work you may want done.

But, to put the cost issue aside, any company that owns your domain, even if they say you can have it when you leave, is an absolute no-go in my book.

Fun Research Note: In looking at the IP address of a Cincinnati business using a YB site, there are 795 other domains sitting on that one address. Who wouldn't love to own a business that generates $1m+ annually, based on generic, templated sites, per IP address? Now that's ROI...for YellowBook.
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