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Originally Posted by zachj265 View Post
Obtain the bad check from you're bank. Take the bad check to any branch of his financial institution and request the money. Continue attempting to wiithdraw the funds at his bank and when he has sufficient funds in his account the will give you the money. As far as legal action it's a waste of time unless he wrote his SS#, name, phone, and address on the check. If you want to obtain intel on this prick search his name on for Missouri. On this site you will find all judgments, criminal history, and garnishments. If you find garnishment records his employer will also be listed. You could approach him at his employer instead of the ghetto. I spent 7 years in banking before going full time in landscaping. I worked in KC and became very familiar with all aspects of dealing with a deadbeat. Good luck. Send me a message in private if you have questions.
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You sure is the website?
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