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Originally Posted by Landscape Poet View Post
For his customer's sake I hope he planted annual rye, otherwise , it is going to look sooooooo bad during a majority of the year, essentially like dead grass.

Although I agree with you that the deep root depth helps alleviate the soil compaction to a extent, I still have not made my mind up about overseeding with rye here yet. A couple of things that I do not like.

1. the rye outpaces the S.A in height of growth. This makes your SA get less light at a time where it is already slowing because of less light hours available. Add to that...the fact in our environment the rye really needs to be cut every week when most of us are on two week to three week schedules.

2. In the spring when the SA typically is spreading and growing and filling in.....the rye is still there....not looking particularly good but still there, preventing the spread of the SA to its fullest capability.

3. The seed no matter how good of quality - stands a chance of introducing weeds that were not previously there. This could potentially means a need for herbicide typically not used on the lawn.
+1. Additionally, the transition from cool season species back to warm season species next spring may be challenging. I've seen quite a few overseeded SA lawns that do worse after this practice. If lawns are hybrid bermuda cultivars or even zoysia, they seem to fare better after a winter overseed than does SA. Just my casual observation over the years.
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