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The ignorance here is absolutely astounding. Bad enough that homeowners do this sort of thing but you guys hold yourselves out as "professionals" and take money for it. What I'm trying to say is if you had any knowledge you would recognize that the problem isn't the GFIs but with the crap equipment that is made in a third world country for the cheapest price. I realize that's all that is available but that's not an excuse.

He just doesn't get it. What I mean by "it", why we do, how we do, and the 30-500k we make right before winter when all else is slowing and nature isn't snowing.
Another of my points. If you guys are such heavy hitters with that kind of profit how about forming a national organization that would push for the manufacture of the proper commercial equipment. Or would you rather sit out in your trucks on a cold rainy night waiting for your customer's lights to go out like a** h****.
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