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Originally Posted by piston slapper View Post
Kohler CH25S Exmark Lazer Z.

Condition,,,Started hearing a slight click in this engine in July..not quite a knockfrom a rod..or a tick from a lifter...
As a knocking rod in a Command twin is rare...they break but dont knock...and it being a sideshaft engine..I knew it was a crank/cam gear noise...
This NEVER happens on a Verticle Command Twin..
I pulled my boss aside in Sept.and had him listen to the noise...explaining what was going to eventually happen to the engine,,,Right Again..

The engine stopped running Tuesday...gear cracked after almost 6 months of constant chatter with the cam gear..

You dont have to Name The Failure,,,because I did it for you...

Piston Slapper, we had the same thing happen on a CH23 under warranty. Engine had about 1000 hours on it. Kohler rep was called and he blamed us not using Kohler oil and Kohler oil filters. After a long battle, they warranted it.
What do you believe is the cause of this type of failure?

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