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Originally Posted by jrs.landscaping View Post
That's a good one!!

GreenIA, what do you provide for services? From the sounds of it with 17+ employees you are more than mow 'n go.
First year we did strictly fert programs subbed for other landscapers and irrigation & lighting installs for contractors on new construction homes. As well as lawn installs and plantings. The second season we started offering our services directly to homeowners (this is when I began advertising heavily), we also began offering hardscape and more soft scape installs. The third season we began pushing more on our advertising.

Now we offer fert programs, full irrigation and lighting design/install/service, full landscape design and construction, holiday decor, and plowing. Fall cleanups if we are slow and I'm looking to keep the guys busy. Up to now we offered basically everything except mowing. We are adding a full mowing crew next season as demand from our existing customers justify it.

Like i said in my post yeasterday though, those first two years I spent alot more on advertising than most sole operators on here net. Now to continue the growth, we spent more on advertising this past year than most here will gross.
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