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Originally Posted by turf hokie View Post
I wanted to stay out of this but I want to ask.

Why would a licensed electrician be needed to plug an extension cord into an electrical outlet? Would this law extend to me as a homeowner the next time I needed to plug in my sump pump?
In the interest of protecting life and property an AHJ has the power to enact any requirement that it feels is necessary and can ammend the NEC in their jurisdiction to make it law. What a HO does is one thing, but a third party doing this for a fee is quite another. You are held to a higher standard and from what I've read here it sounds like none of you have a clue. You are dealing with 120 volts here and that could easily kill. Could be you or it could be someone else who comes in contact with your work. If GFIs are tripping there is dangerious leakage someplace.

You wouldn't want to get a letter from THESE GUYS.

Originally Posted by turf hokie View Post
What would you say if I told you the equipment we currently use is UL rated?
I would take the UL number off the tag then I would go to the UL data base and look it up. Betcha it's lifted off something else (counterfeit) or its indoor- not listed for wet locations.
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