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Originally Posted by piston slapper View Post
The failure is a combination of excessive side load...belt too tight...and either a poor quality of oil or filthy oil for extended periods...

The sump bushing gets worn..
The crank/cam gears no longer mesh properly...clicking noise...
A few months later ...crank gear cracks loose from the crankshaft..
Engine stops....lots of phone calls.....
Thanks Piston Slapper so much for the reply. We could not get a definitive answer as to why the gear broke despite the fact that we were able to prove that we used Kendall oil and Wix oil filters exclusively.
We change the oil and filter every two weeks so I do not believe that it was neglect on our part. We have eight Walkers with either the Ch20 or Ch23 and never had a failure like that. We routinely get between five and six thousand hours out of the Kohler CH engine with no major repairs.
Are you partial to Kohler oil and Kohler filters?
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