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Originally Posted by JContracting View Post
Congrats man!! I think having a wife and a delay of upgrading to a ZTR is certainly worth it!
I definitely like the deal of secretly asking her dad.

I look forward to the day I find a legit girl and ask her father if I can marry his daughter.

Thanks man!!! I was with my kid's mom for 2.5 years and I thought I had the right one ha. This relationship I have now is something so different... I'm 21 and she is about to be 24... has her act together... (bought a house at 22, car paid for in cash... savings account building up) she has been doing really well for herself... and is very open with me and my son... she she's herself as another member to the family and treats my son as her own... so meeting someone that understood me and what I work for was awesome. She's a keeper that's for sure.

She has no idea I bought her a ring... I've been playing the money is tight past 2-3 months because I was saving up for it... so she'll def have a christmas to remember!

and if she doesnt say yes (God forbid) then I'll have me a nice zero turn ha!
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