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Originally Posted by satchel145 View Post
Does anyone know of an online source for stihl replacement parts (filters, spark plugs, etc.) I tried getting part numbers off of but couldn't find actual part numbers. Any help would be appreciated.

All the chainsaws and everything not listed below use a Bosch WSR6F (1110 400 7005) or NGK BPMR7A

BR500 thru BR600, FS130, HT130~HT131 use NGK CMR6H (0000 400 7011)

FS90~FS110, FC90~FC110, HL90~HL100, HT100~HT101, KM90~KM110, HS81~HS86, use Bosch USR7AC (0000 400 7009)

All gapped at .020

As for air filters, you'll have to check with the aftermarket suppliers, or check with some of the vendors that are on this site.
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