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Originally Posted by Roger View Post
If you need carb parts, you can get those online, or through a channel other than Stihl. Zama carbs are not a Stihl part per se, so those parts do not have to pass through a dealer. If you need a carb , or a rebuild kit, find the number and get it through third party channels if you wish.

Other items that at unique to Stihl are not sold online, as lawboy dan stated. Yep, a real problem.... (another story for another thread).
Actually I have run into a carb on a Stihl that was not available anywhere else. I forget if it was Zama or Walbro but it actually had Stihl molded into it and that specific carb was only available through Stihl. It was still made by the carb company but they wouldnt sell it to anyone else.
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