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If you were offering advice and suggestions and came across that way, you would be viewed differently. You make assumptions, and accusations and expect to be viewed as valuable. You may be a retired electrician, and that is wonderful. As most can easily comprehend, this thread is about lending advice to people of how to do things the right way, not ridicule and criticize.

Most all of us, and I say most as I can not speak for all, are trained, are certified, carry a specific electrical policy for what we re doing as well as GL and WC. We use UL certified products, secure our connections off the ground regardless of grounded or not, as well as dress the connections appropriately. I will agree that the GFCI's are doing their job when they trip, no argument there. I for one test all my lines running for amp draw, prior to securing as well.

Since you choose to spout your retirement as an electrician, I am a retired paramedic, and if you are going to make a statement back it up. Here's the truth regarding electrical shock and electrocution, the amps is the largest concern, hence the reason medical treatment is measured in joules and miliamps - It takes both amperage (current) and voltage. 8 mA of current conducted through the body is considered a maximum safe limit. Ground fault interrupter devices for personnel protection usually have a 5 mA trip rating for this reason.
Resistance of dry skin is generally about 100 kilohms or greater, so in dry conditions, it would require about 1,500 volts to conduct the 15 mA or greater current that is likely to kill you.
If the skin is wet or damaged, the resistance through the body will be greatly reduced, and a much lower voltage may be lethal.
Direct contact with 100 volts or less, though not considered safe, is not likely to harm you because it is not of sufficient potential to conduct a fatal magnitude of current through the body.

With that being said, if you want to be constructive, and helpful to answer questions or make suggestions please continue to monitor the thread and make helpful and constructive suggestions. If you just want to be a troll and criticize, kindly go to a grass chopping thread as that is what you are doing now, and pursue them.
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