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I currently have the 1500, just purchased a few months back or so. From what I see on the website there isn't much difference between the 700 series and 1500. The Kawasaki motor is great and is plenty for that mower unless you plan on bagging steep hills. It says they finally put a floor pan access to allow you to work ontop of the deck. For some reason they didn't think to put one on mine so when greasing spindles you sometimes get a few busted knuckles. Another nice feature is the extra wide discharge opening. It creates for a nice, wide and even clipping dispersal and doesn't clump as bad as the old style decks. The new ICD decks are basically the same as the scag velocity, they cut great just not so great on wet grass IMO. Only drawbacks: only 1 5.5 gal fuel tank, having to keep up with it seems 20 something grease fittings everywhere and upside down. But goodluck and again I think it's a solid machine
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