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Originally Posted by Above Par Lawns View Post
Dude my opinion, you're making it a lot harder than it needs to be. Don't try to pre determine your prices. Each yard you should price accordingly. Figure out what your hourly rate needs to be and go from there. From your numbers you're saying a half acre is a "XL" lawn. But where I come from that's not very large. You're just going to get a bunch of random people's opinions when asking that broad of a question.
Originally Posted by Above Par Lawns View Post
I think I was misunderstood. I'm just saying to start keeping track of how long it takes YOU to do certain tasks. How long does it take you to edge 1000sq ft? How long to mow 5000sq ft? How long does it take you to blow off 1000sq ft of sidewalk, etc? I always recommend seeing the property first before giving them a firm price. Figure out how long you'll be there and use your hourly rate to determine the price of the job. You can't just say " if you have X sq ft I'll mow for this." There's other things to factor in if you want your business to stay afloat.
Listen to what APL is trying to tell you. No two properties are the same. Even if they have the exact same sqftage, they will be different. So each property is different. Now do as APL said and time yourself to find out how long jobs will take you. Then you can give a price by just looking. No fancy math involved, no measuring wheel at all. As others said, you're making it harder then it needs to be.

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