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I would highly recommend, spend the extra money and get fluorescent (CFL) light bulbs instead, otherwise you'll spend it on deep cycle batteries and extra duty inverters and it's not going to be cheap, even then I doubt they'll last long, you're talking about consuming an entire kilowatt hour at ten times the rate (i.e.: 120v / 12)...

To my understanding that inverter is going to have to get the batteries to feed 5,000 watts at 12v in order to roughly compensate for the difference in voltage and my math may not be exactly the way it is but I know it works somewhere along those lines.

With CFL bulbs you can likely reduce the consumption down to around 175 watts total (at 120v), that would be a whole lot easier on both the inverter and the batteries (yes, probably still need more than one), might be a bit of a trick to find them types of bulbs in CFL but in recent years they have come a long ways, they even make outdoor spot and flood lamps in the CFL version now...

You might even be able to find a load of 12v LED lights, thou this is going to be tricky and rather expensive as well.

Just my thoughts on the matter

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