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Originally Posted by herler View Post
The other school also says, he who has brand new equipment ain't never seen a day's work.
How many baffoons I hear spewing off about "I been doing this for TWENTY YEARS!!!"
Yeah, and they got brand new equipment sitting right behind them, guess they didn't think anyone'd notice.

Why does it truly have to be new, doesn't new equipment mean the job might cost more?
Customers are not stupid, nice shiny truck, who makes that payment?

I have no way of predicting what exactly is going through that customer's mind when they see me, way I see things the way things are with the economy in a good amount of cases they'll give that guy working out of the trunk of his or her car a chance pretty darn quick, too.

At least he's trying goes that way.

My equipment, my trailer and my truck are tools.
I bought them and keep them up to get the job done.
In that sense they don't need to look good.
And I'm neither spending the time nor the money to make it so, all that does is drive up overhead, some folks might be able to charge more but they might give me the job because I'm cheaper and my equipment looks like it has done the work we're speaking of more than once before.
Yeah I always thought that the guy pulling up with brand new equipment, etc. was going to be more expensive. I know people will say that you don't want a price shopper, but customers have an idea what a price should be and if they see a brand new truck pulling up they might just think, "this guy's going to try to get me on a higher price."

Maybe this isn't true for most people but that's what I would think...

Any more thoughts guys?
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