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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
I've decided that in spite of everything I really need a decent sized push mower that can be used in a heavily populated area of trees...
Ride-ons of any kind makes way too many dead zones because there is no way to travel alternate routes, cornering is necessary in the same place every time,and the sod isn't very deep rooted in a shady area with so many trees...

There are the main 3 reasons for taking the risk on the Timemaster 30...
So my question is:

Am I still a fool for investing in one of those things???
Its only about 7 acres per week that I need it for...
Hey Axe, have you thought of Cub Cadets 33 in mower? It's a single hydro but i have seen alot of people with these and seem to do a good job as well.
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