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Originally Posted by suzook View Post
Dormant seeding sounds great, but putting down pre m in march will just prevent it
As an experiment, I have not put down a pre emergent on my lawn for 4 years and I have had no crabgrass. I've also done this on a few dozen of my customer's back yards who have dogs and want to add seed every spring in bare spots-never had crab grass. In my area (Chicago suburbs), it seems that only the parkway area and along the driveway needs pre-m. I've seen foreclosed homes that have not had any lawn fert service for a few years and I have seen crabgrass. But those lawns are very thin to begin with. Give a lawn a quality fertilization program along with having them mow no shorter than 3" and you will need less and less pesticides (no I'm not a tree hugger, just looking to use less chemicals and save money).

I'm most worried about the new seedlings lasting throughout the summer if we have another drought.
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