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Originally Posted by Wright Lawn View Post
Said it once and I'll say it again. Can't afford Chevy, Ford or Dodge (Can't afford the down time that is) I'm a Toyota man got one with over 300k miles on it with NO problems. Haven't seen a Ford, Chevy or especially Dodge with any history like that. You can't kill a Toyota!
Toyota's are for hacks. Sure they are great trucks, and great to drive around all day if you work in an office or at a bank, But if you ACTUALLY have a business that you want to grow beyond 8 customers and $15k a year you buy a 3/4-1 ton truck.

You just cant work a Toyota like you can a real truck. You cant plow large commercial parking lots with a Tacoma, you cant pull more then a 10 foot trailer with 2 small mowers on it daily.

They are just too small and too weak.
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