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I absolutely HATE having to bill or ANY extra guess what.... I'm going to raise rates on those who DON'T want the same rate every month plan. I work another business at night and early in the morning so I'm often blurry eyed or fighting sleep so the less time I spend staring at the computer the better.

A number of my clients will skip paying the extra required for fertilizer etcetera then the lawn looks iffy and they are running low on funds that month. So its my hope that floating those expenses across 12 months for snow clients [most snow clients are flat rate anyhow] or a 6-8 month growing season plan it would make my life vastly easier.

Whoís to say I wonít pad the monthly billed amount if Iím stuck billing discount that higher amount down 5% and train the client to send in their check at a set specified time. If their check doesnít show up by such and such time send payment reminder for the full non-discounted monthly amount. Call it a billing fee.

Over the years Iíve had several clients ask how much will lawn maintenance be per month....?

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