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Originally Posted by Red Shed Landscaping View Post
I see you have the snap edge laying there. Do you use it to mark your lines like we do? I figured that out last year and has saved many hours rather than lining up the each border paver on top spending so much time making them just right and then marking. As you can see our perfect cuts as well with a table saw. We also have our saws on wheel barrows to be able to move where the cutting is and to put the scrap pieces in.

Now if you would follow my posts, you would have known to use SnapEdge for marking pavers

Yes, we use the restraint for marking the pavers.

As far as paver saws:

Buy yourself a saw that has a dedicated stand available, such as EDCO.

Our saws have stands with wheels. (we dont always use them though)

And we have placed the saw on a wheel burrow as in your picture. Not the safest. if the weight shifts while someone is cutting - injury can occur.

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