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My first EOW was an old lady that claimed her lawn never grows.

I agreed to do her EOW with the warning that it looked as her lawn would have to much growth to stay that way and we would have to go weekly.
Well her lawn needed to be mow weekly and she would not switch over. So we parted ways.

Next year a I picked up a weekly lawn that wanted me to do her FIL's law EOW. I told her about my first EOW and that if this lawn grows too much it WILL be switched over to weekly. This lawn had a ton of shade. Hardly grew. Got my normal price.

When you get your normal price and have another EOW so you alternate the weeks you mow there is no reason to not take them. EOW can be cheap and not want fert, or any up sells. There are weekly's that don't want fert or any up sells either.

Better to have a schedule full of 40 hr work a week with any type of customer at your price then to then to sit around waiting to fill up ones schedule with "only the good customers". Then to only bill out 10, 20, 30 hours at your normal rate.

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