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Originally Posted by sjessen View Post
One other thought: the commercial version is a good bit heavier than the Timemaster.
Great point. +1

Originally Posted by Above Par Lawns View Post
And the timemaster isn't light. Good luck hoisting the commercial version into the back of your truck. The fold up handle is convenient and saves space in garage/trailer, but it makes it awkward as hell to lift.
Again I love the fold up handle on mine this is a big strike against the commercial version that I may or may not buy down the road.....

Originally Posted by CowboysLawnCareDelaware View Post
Look into a World Lawn 28" or 32" mower, the Timemaster won't last more than a few seasons if you buy the residential. You can get a World Lawn for only a few hundred more than the residential model. You have to think about the long term, if your going to stay in business you need to use Commercial equipment.

The Toro are rear baggers and most parts made in the USA....I hope.

My Time Master 30 is a trim mower to replace a pita 21”. If the 30” is too wide I drag out my yBravo 25. yBravo has vastly better suction for bagging and is better on hill than the TimeMaster 30.

Most guys use a 21/22" and a 36" mower for small yards. The issue with a 30 inch mower is that it may not fit into some of the small gates.

yBravo 25

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