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Originally Posted by RSK Property Maintenance View Post
mileage is up there for an 2008 at 149,000 but in my opinion that means anything that was gonna go wrong with the truck already has probably, and that it was a reliable truck will probably continue to be reliable for at least another 200,000 maybe even another 300,000. Now if i was to buy that truck, right from the get go i would do the towing mirrors on it, xlt lights harley davidson edition, so they are smoked, maybe some wheels and tires, swap out the bench seat for buckets, and delete the dpf, and do a spartan tuner, especially if you are going to be the only one driving it, you will love the better fuel economy you will get, and added power for towing. that's just me. I probably wouldn't buy that particular truck because it doesn't have cab lights but that's up to you, and I want all my trucks to match. They will all have smoked head lights, smoked turn signals, black front bumpers, black grills, black rear bumpers, and tints, 35% on the sides, and 20 on the back window. also fisher plow mounts on every truck. that's just me, I like uniformity.
I like your ideas for the truck man, it's your money do what you want. Plus having a few trucks uniformed the same way with some custom stuff for looks, "in my opinion" that's power to you, people will know who you are and what company that is just by how your trucks look.
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