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I've been recently reviewing websites listed on page one for our industry again since I've got time on my hands. What I learned was little is new for 2012 or 2013, that was not also important in 2010.

Like before, keywords, tags and density of words seem very relevant. Probably the most important thing.

Apparently Google Places is not of big importance ... possibly fractional.

The one thing that most noticeable, is that Google is volatile and unpredictable. And whatever you change now, if it gets you better results, cannot be counted on, because Google is guaranteed to change again, and what they do, none of us can predict.

It looks like the old basics of SEO and quality content are still the anchors that can hold a site closest to page one, as site's and search engines fluctuate. So if you make changes or additions for various new suggestions, just don't neglect the basics.

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