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My customers normally don't see the equipment until after, sometimes long after, the service agreement is signed and the first few services are done. It's more about closing the sale and in my case the reviews, hundreds of references and pictures we have about the work we do. This is all done at the initial sales presentation. Now, that being said, I always show up with a clean truck wearing professional attire and professionally prepared paperwork, does all this mean I charge more, I don't think so! we charge what we charge based on cost and what the demographics allow. This crap about "I charge less because I have less overhead is bologny" Even if I had absolutly no overhead (Which is impossible) I would still be charging the same rates but my profit margins would be higher, my truck and equipment would still be kept clean, and I would still maintain a high standard of professionalism. Cleanliness is more about self pride than what you should charge.
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