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Originally Posted by Kelly's Landscaping View Post
Oh you want the next level down same guy couldn't drive for years DUI so rode the mower all over town from one job to the next and of course didn't own a shirt.
that was funni

Originally Posted by Kelly's Landscaping View Post
Iv had old ladies tell me they wanted me to mow their lawns because i had all new equipment and she believed that meant it would leave a nicer cut. The fact that not only was the equipment not new but had 3000 plus hours on it didn't matter I kept it clean so it must be true.
I still don't believe it's a clean lawn mower per se, in the above case it's that you took pride in the work, not the fact the mowers were clean, understand the mower could have been dirty but I understand that for you, it had to be clean because else you would not have been able to show the same pride, I get that but you get me, it's about taking pride in what one does.
If appearance is part of that, so be it.

The guy who shows up drunk every job, you think he's going to make it assuming his equipment is spit shined daily?
It's cleaner than yours, he's drunk, are they going to hire him?
Actually someone will, but I'm not going there.

Walk a straight line, talk a straight talk, be a man of your word.
Call them back even if I can't do the job.
Try that, to me it's what it's all about.
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