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Originally Posted by txirrigation View Post
If I lived "up there" the bible would be the last thing I got my rear sued off for.

Where I am, it is not weird to have a bible on the dash, and none of us work on Sundays. We also have a Tuesday 6:00am Bible study, full of contractors and white collars alike. My last job cemented the fact there is a God, you can call it weird, I'll call it as I see it. If anyone has questions you can always send me a PM.

It is funny how until now I had never shown my faith, and I was not "weird."

-off soap box-

As an added bonus we are having a company dinner at a local stake place. We also have the bosses work day, where the guys lean on shovels and watch the managers put in a system.
I'm behind you 100%. Glad to see there's still someone out there that sticks to his guns.
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