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I have very little patience or the time to educate electrical contractors on how to install Christmas lights properly and safely.

you want broad strokes, here are broad strokes- electricians as a group have very little or no respect for anyone who does anything with electricity, unless they are a master electrician. that includes heating and cooling contractors, handymen, low voltage lighting contractors, irrigation installers, low voltage dog fence folks, security system and audio video installers. and Christmas light guys. just take your pick. in their world, we are all untrained, uneducated folk who have no business with any wires that have any voltage in them. Rarely have I ever heard an electrician happy about anyone other than electricians legally doing anything with electricity. So yes, in their world, the government or code should step in and stop all 3rd party folks from charging anyone to do anything with electricity. unless you have the education and certification of an "electrician" of course.

I have a master electrician on my staff that installs our outlets,hard wired digital timers, sub panels, breakers, etc. he is an awesome guy and does great work.

But this is what kills me- he, like most electricians over 40, never went to college or trade school to learn how to be an electrician. never took tech classes in high school or nights. he worked under an electrician for a period of time, and took a test, then worked long enough to take another test. he learned how to do what he needed to do on the job. this should begin a theme here.

here's another secret-don't tell anyone- most all the guys that work for the electric company are not electricians. you know, the guys that handle the gigantic transformers, substations, and those wrist sized wires that carry 10's of 1000's of volts AND lots and lots of amps. how can this be you ask? How can they NOT be electricians? shouldn't those guys have all kinds of certifications and years of training and education? and guess what, yes they do. but... surprise! They learn most of it on the job. just like we do, to do exactly what we do. and guess what, the guys at the nuclear, coal, or natural gas plant where that electricity comes from... are not electricians either. They learn on the job and are trained to do what they do.

while someone may be an awesome 30 year experience electrician, that does not even begin to make them be a novice Christmas light guy. That makes about as much sense as a guy that works at the electric company would be an expert at wiring a home. or the guy that works at the nuclear plant would know how to run the substation or the wires on the pole. please, learn THIS -stick to giving advice in the area you HAVE experience with and leave the other guys that are upline or downline from the wires you know alone.

And as an aside, who retires from being an electrician to become a landscaper? in my mind and what I have seen, electricians for the most part have higher wages, cleaner work environments, nicer trucks, less range and scope of work, can work inside, and have a much higher level of respect as a professional among homeowners than landscapers.
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