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U will have to take what ever you get when you get here. When I started thats what I did. I was happy to be cutting grass and I really didnt care what kind of grass it was. But as you grow you will only take the nice irrigated St.Augustine/ Zoyia grass. At this stage in my business I will mostly turn down bahia yards unless it is well fertilized and watered. Most down here that have bahia grass but don't water or fertilize it. You will have to research the different grasses we have and how heigh to cut each grass. Also when you get down here make sure you bill on a monthly basis and not per cut. Alot of newbies like to do per cut just to grab more business but will suffer during the winter months when they don't get paid much. Alot of compitition out there but you can still get work. Grass is everywhere and it needs to be cut. I think you will find that most of the new standers will all do a good job on the St.Augustine grass. All the new models are pretty up to date with the latest technology that they have and will all do a good job. Just have to find one you like and go for it. You should start to advertise in March because the growing season starts in April. Then it is in really high gear May- October.. Good luck

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